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SFIA – the global skills and competency framework for a digital world

Using SFIA

The guiding principles of SFIA and how to use it

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Browse, search and access the SFIA framework on-line

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Get hold of the PDF and Excel versions of SFIA in 10 languages

Bodies of knowledge

Explore SFIA’s knowledge component and ‘bodies of knowledge’

SFIA tools and resources

Deep dive: practical tools and resources

SFIA for employers

Using SFIA to increase the effectiveness of people and organisations

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Get help from SFIA partners who offer consulting services and software tools

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Using SFIA commercially to support sales of your products and services

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Get formal recognition for your SFIA experience and knowledge

News, events & training

What's happening with SFIA

SFIA for education and training providers

Using SFIA to guide and support your education and training products, services, and qualifications

SFIA for professional bodies

Using SFIA to support your membership, competency framework and body of knowledge

SFIA for government

Using SFIA to support your industrial strategies and education programmes