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Reference and guide to SFIA version 6. Framework status: Legacy.

How SFIA supports the skills management cycle

SFIA provides a resource for consistency

Skills management Acquire Deploy Assess Develop Reward

A common language enables communication and understanding between line management, HR and employees. SFIA acts as a force for consistency at every point in the skills management cycle to help the construction of an integrated management system.

Skills management: overall resource management

In overall skills and resource management, SFIA is used for measuring current capability and identifying requirements, including planning for future demand, using the same capability criteria used throughout the skills management processes.

By providing easily recognisable definitions of skills and levels, consistency can be achieved in sourcing and job assignment, professional development planning and understanding the capability of the workforce. This reduces risks and potential costs from incorrect placement of personnel. 

The cycle itself, and the use of SFIA, can be started at any point. The initial use of SFIA may be to address a specific issue, such as employee satisfaction or getting effective training, or it may be prompted by a specific operational or project issue, or maybe as part of the regular management of resources. From an organisational perspective, one logical starting point might be knowing that a new resource needs to be recruited.