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Reference and guide to SFIA version 6. Framework status: Legacy.


Analysing performance and capability

Assessment data must be analysed to inform decision-making, including development needs. Performance is assessed against business objectives and, in the case of development objectives, by reference to SFIA skills.

Individuals can map their current skills and experience, identify their goals, and plan their professional development journey.

SFIA’s practical descriptions enable performance to be analysed to reveal the individual’s strengths and development needs. This presents managers with the ability to assess people's competence, and to analyse the reasons for their level of performance. The objective nature of the SFIA descriptions helps managers to reach an assessment that is agreed by the person being assessed. This greater objectivity in analysis of performance and explanation to the individual leads to greater staff satisfaction with appraisals, better motivation and improved levels of retention.

In times of business change, whether driven by changing customer requirements, mergers and acquisitions, new services or products, market trends or evolving business objectives, SFIA can be used to identify and express the skills impact, supporting planning and delivery.