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Reference and guide to SFIA version 6. Framework status: Legacy.


Assigning resources

The whole purpose of skills management is to put people to work in a way that is best for the organisation and best for the individual. Deployment is also the single most important factor in a professional's development. Care in selecting the right project for the person unlocks a huge development potential.

Project and operational risk is reduced by assigning the right skilled people, based on their actual capability, not just their technical knowledge. Getting this right can lead to much more effective use of resources, appropriate development, and potentially reduced expenditure on contractors.

In addition to allocating resources in traditional formal organisation structures, the inherent flexibility in SFIA supports other methods of operation. This includes organisational models built around competency centres or pools of resources that are allocated to temporary endeavours, agile project teams, or even individual tasks.

Ensuring that externally sourced capability – whether contractors or service providers – is deployed to appropriate tasks, is essential to ensure the desired outcome, and value for money.