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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development.

#92 Add in an entry point at responsibility level 4 for the CNSL skill: change request pending

I have worked in a consulting firm for 20 years and we have found that our entry point is actually at SFIA level 4. Our senior consultant role is at level 5 and our principal consultant role is mainly at level 6. This should not be confused by the fact that may contractors refer to themselves as 'consultants. as borne out by ACS surveys where some respondents claimed to have that skill at SFIA level 3! Our entry level consultants were expected to actually expected to consult and to understand and deliver to client requirements in a wide range of situations. I would still assess them as being at level 4 at this entry level.

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What we decided

Deferred.  Will be kept in the backlog of change requests and considered during continuous consultation.