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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development. Show revision-marked text

IT management : Level 6


Identifies and manages resources needed for the planning, development and delivery of specified information and communications systems services (including storage, modification and communication of data, voice, text, audio and images). Engages with and influences senior level stakeholders and project teams through change management processes, ensuring that the infrastructure is managed to provide agreed levels of service and data integrity. Takes full responsibility for budgeting, estimating, planning and objective setting. Plans and manages implementation of processes and procedures, tools and techniques for monitoring and managing the performance of automated systems and services. Aligns the contribution of systems and services to clearly stated business and financial goals and performance targets. Monitors performance and takes corrective action where necessary and in line with policies. Develops new methods and organisational capabilities (including automation) for the management of systems and services.

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