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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development. Show revision-marked text

Knowledge management: Level 5


Provides advice, guidance, and support to help people to adopt and embed best-practice approaches to information and knowledge management into all areas of their work. Evaluates and selects appropriate knowledge management methods and tools in line with agreed policies and standards. Promotes collaborative technologies, processes and behaviours to facilitate sharing of ideas and work-knowledge among internal teams and external partners. Provides support for the establishment and nurturing of communities of practice, including workshops, one-on-one guidance, and troubleshooting. Develops and implements processes and behaviours which help people easily access and use data, learning, and knowledge to improve performance. Shares ideas and examples of existing practices to encourage adoption. Implements knowledge management at programme, project and team level including tailoring in line with agreed standards. Contributes to the definition of organisational policies, standards, and guidelines for knowledge management.

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