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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development. Show revision-marked text

Enterprise IT governance: Level 6


Within a defined area of accountability, determines the requirements for the appropriate governance of enterprise IT, ensuring clarity of responsibilities and authority, goals and objectives. Puts in place and maintains governance practices and resources to enable governance activity to be conducted with reasonable independence from management activity, in line with the organisation's corporate governance requirements. Undertakes and/or directs reviews as necessary to ensure management decision-making is transparent, and that an appropriate balance between benefits, opportunities, costs and risks can be demonstrated to principal stakeholders. Establishes and maintains the policies for compliance with the organisation's obligations (including legislation, regulatory, contractual and agreed standards/policies), holding the management team to account. Acts as the organisation's contact for relevant regulatory authorities. Ensures proper relationships between the organisation and external parties, with valid interest in the organisation's governance, are in place.

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