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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development. Show revision-marked text

Enterprise IT governance: Level 7


Leads the establishment and maintenance of a function that provides a consistent and integrated approach to IT governance in line with the organisation's corporate governance requirements. At the highest levels in the organisation's governance activities, provides assurance to principal stakeholders that IT services meet the organisation's obligations (including legislation, regulatory, contractual and agreed standards/policies). Ensures that a framework of policies, standards, process and practices is in place to guide provision of enterprise IT services, and that suitable monitoring of the governance framework is in place to report on adherence to these obligations as needed. Establishes the appropriate guidance to enable transparent decision-making to be demonstrated, working with senior leaders to ensure the needs of principal stakeholders are understood, the value proposition offered by enterprise IT is accepted by these stakeholders and the evolving needs of the stakeholders and their appetite for balancing benefits, opportunities, costs and risks is embedded into strategic and operational plans.

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