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Get accredited

Corporate and individual consultancies play in important part in helping organisations improve the way they manage IT skills. If you represent a consultancy – either your own personal business or a corporation – accreditation with SFIA is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your suitability. The SFIA Foundation welcomes applicants.

Our accreditation scheme allows commercial exploitation of SFIA by appropriately-qualified individuals and organisations. This enables users of SFIA to have confidence when acquiring assistance, advice or other skills management services.

There are separate accreditation arrangements for individuals working as consultants and for organisations. Organisations can apply for Accredited Partner and individual consultants for Accredited Consultant status. Accredited Partners can also apply to be a SFIA Accredited Training Provider.

SFIA Partners and Consultants can display special SFIA logos to show that they have appropriate understanding of SFIA. Their contact details are also listed on the SFIA web site, so SFIA users needing professional assistance can find it quickly and easily.

Accredited Consultants and Partners pay the Foundation an annual licence fee as defined in the Foundation's General Terms and Conditions.

By using an Accredited Partner or Consultant, as listed on this website, you can be sure that they are licensed to offer SFIA related services.