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Tools and resources

A number of resources have been developed by both the SFIA Foundation and the global SFIA community. These are available to those members who have registered and are intended to provide additional advice, guidance and general information to those using SFIA.


The SFIA Foundation is assembling a number of useful resources to share with registered users of SFIA.  These may come from any source and are positioned for information.  Formal endorsement of the resources is not intended at this stage and the autor or the Foundation should be contacted to find out more.


Currently the Foundation does not provide tools to support the use of the SFIA Framework.  Such support tools are currently provided by SFIA Partners, links to those providers can be found here


A number of resources are being developed and will be available here:

Current resources include:

  • A Report comparing and detailed mapping of e-CF to SFIA
  • A draft report comparing the Japanese iCD framework to SFIA
    (Currently SFIA version 6 and structure and infrastructure alone)

Future resources will include:

  • Usage guidance across Digital, IT, Software Engineering and other key issues
  • Other collaborations

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