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SFIA - iCD Collaboration

Exciting collaboration between SFIA and iCD


In September 2017 the SFIA Foundation and the Japanese IT Promotion Agency (IPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  Mr Adam Thilthorpe, SFIA Foundation Chairman and Dr. Tatsuo Tomita, IPA Chairman both expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration.


The MoU

The MoU sets out the intent of the SFIA Foundation and the Japanese IT Promotion Agency to collaborate to promote the development of skills and capability within the IT community; and to further the aims of each body, thus bringing greater benefits to their stakeholders and the global IT industry as a whole.

  • Introduce the joint use of iCD andf SFIA within Japan and Japanese companies operating internationally.
  • Work together to establish a mapping of the two frameworks.
  • Support to translations of key framework docuiments.
  • Share SFIA adoption advice to iCD community.
  • To influence the future direction of the SFIA Foundation and Framework.
  • Share information for the future development of the frameworks.
  • Identify opportunities for further collabotation.

To find out more contact:

Phased approach to mapping:

The mapping of the two frameworks is being cartried out by IPA and a phased approach is being  undertaken:

  • iCD-SFIA Mapping Project - Phase 1
    This initial phase looks at the underlying principles, generics and structure of the two frameworks 
  • Subsequent phases will begin to map iCD Tasks to SFIA Skills.