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iCD - SFIA Mapping Phase 1

Phase 1 looks at the underlying principles, generics and structure of iCD and SFIA.

Phase 1 Introduction

The first phase of a project to map the Japanese i-Competence Dictionary (iCD) to the SFIA Framework has been undertaken by the Japanese IT Promotion Agency (IPA).  This is to initiate a close working relationship between the IPA and the SFIA Foundation and further cooperation in the future.

This initial phase looked at the underlying principles, generics and structure of iCD and SFIA and subsequent phases will look at mapping iCD Tasks to specific SFIA Skills.

This work is a component of SFIA’s Global Framework Alignment and Collaboration programme. In its 18+ years, SFIA has established itself as the most widely used skills and competency framework with use in around 180 countries supporting thousands of companies and individuals. SFIA is a straightforward, generic, easily understood and universally applicable skills and competency framework.

iCD, while at present not having the coverage and reach that SFIA does, is well liked in Japan and has significant depth, and multiple structures that are well suited to Japanese industry and education.  A major part of this collaboration is to look at further cooperation, learn from each other and consider closer alignment in the future.

iCD’s depth and structures will inform future evolutions of SFIA and SFIA’s established global reach and ecosystem will be of benefit to and inform iCD going forward.

To further this cooperation, IPA is a SFIA Partner and have contributed to the the global industry body that drives the direction of SFIA for the benefit of the digital, IT and software engineering profession globally.  In addition, IPA, along with some other SFIA users, is helping with the translation of SFIA 7 into Japanese.

To find out more contact either: 

Visit the websites:

First draft of the comparison report is available here JIPA SFIA-iCD Document .

Please Note: This document is currently a draft as it requires to be updated with in two ways:

  • SFIA 7 updates (this initial report was against SFIA version 6)
  • Particular skill components need to be added (this initial report looked at framework structures and infrastructure)