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Using SFIA

Using SFIA – the world's most widely used skills and competency framework

SFIA is a valuable, comprehensive and readily available resource (available under licence).  This makes it indispensible as a tool to support ICT, software engineering and digital transformation professionals.

Since 2000 the SFIA Framework has established itself as the world's most widely used skills and competency framework.  For 20 years it has been refined and refreshed by industry and business to ensure it remains relevant to the current and future needs of industry and business.  Due to its simplicity, generic nature and universal applicability it has been widely adopted and is used in many different ways to support human capital development and the transformation of organisations to better use the human resources they have for their current and future needs.

The human capital development context

Our human capital development context illustrates the universal nature of SFIA and its use in seven key areas:

  • Planning and organisation
  • Acquisition
  • Deployment
  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Reward

The SFIA user community has asked for guidance and recommendations to help drive good practice and consistency of outcome, despite different approaches.  The SFIA Foundation approach is to capture good practice from the community, make it generic, provide a structure for understanding, and to publish it for the benefit of all.